Instagram is a great platform to help spread your messaging and share your donations-enabled videos, but there are a few key constraints to keep in mind,

Firstly, you cannot just upload a Video Squirrel video into your feed as it is not a compatible format with Instagram

You can, however, make use of the “Swipe Up” function within Instagram Stories to link to your Video Squirrel content. From there, a Story can be placed in the Highlights section of an account. The Highlights section will keep the call to action to view your Video Squirrel video in front of followers as long as you keep that story highlighted.

The “Swipe Up” function within Instagram Stories is only available to accounts who have at least 10,000 followers.

You can also do a standard post and direct your followers to Link in Bio, a LinkTree link that says something to the effect of “Buy Brand XX here,” or you can link to your blog or any other content platform you typically use. 

If you want to create an Instagram Ad, simply link to your Video Squirrel video as a part of your call to action.

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