Before we dive into how to manage your Opportunities, let’s break down what an Opportunity is, exactly, here at Video Squirrel. And how Opportunities are paired with Donations Products.

Here is the overview:

  • After you create your profile, you will create your first Donations Product in the system. This Product will be matched to a Video or Opportunity.

  • An Opportunity is an invitation to third-party content creators to create a donations-enabled video in your campaign or organization's behalf.

  • An Opportunity can be set to public or private.

  • Opportunities are displayed in the Explore Opportunities section of the app

  • Once a Product and Opportunity are Paired with a Video, pow! That’s when the magic happens and you will be given your unique Video Squirrel video link and embed code.

  • If you have your own video content, you will simply upload it when you add your Product and skip this Opportunities process altogether!

Cheers to your first donations rolling in! Any questions? Contact us and we’ll get back to you within two shakes of a squirrel’s tail!

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