Your Product is the subject for whom or what you want to raise money. 

In some cases it's a candidate. In others, it may be swag you are trying to sell. either way, the Product is the name next to the pink "Donate" button and is what viewers will understand as the object of their donations or purchase.

The Web Dashboard allows you to manually enter products individually, or batch upload them using our CSV template.

Firstly, Navigate to Products on the Web Dashboard.

Here's how to add Products individually:

  1. Click the “+ Add Product” button
  1. An Information Tab will pop out along the right-hand sign of your screen. Add your Product details by field using different tabs, including: 

The Information Tab 

Enter the Product Name, Category, Pricing details (where applicable), and be sure to toggle the Product to the right where it says Accepts Donations.

The Images Tab 

Simply upload images of any product you are trying to sell, or a cover image.

Here's how to add Products as a group:

  1. Click on the the dropdown carrot next to the “+ Add Product” button, then click “Import CSV” button. A window will pop up on the right-hand side of your screen.
  2. Download our CSV template, or upload your Shopify CSV
  3. Add your Products to the CSV template, then add the CSV by clicking on “Upload a file” and uploading it.
  4. Once your CSV file is uploaded, you’ll be able to review it under your Products section.
  5. You can also download your CSV file by clicking on the dropdown carrot next to the “+ Add Product” button, then click “Export CSV.”
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