Getting started with Video Squirrel is as easy as naming a Product, Assigning it to a Video and either sharing it directly or creating an Opportunity for it that allows your volunteers, peers and staff to create content for you.

How it Works

  1. Navigate to “Products” on the Web Dashboard and then “Create a Product.” If you wish for your item to accept donations, toggle to “Accepts Donations.” Once you are satisfied with the other content about your donation ask, click save.

To learn more about creating a Product, click here.

 2. Navigate to the Videos section and upload a video of your choice. Select your Donations Product and name your Video.

To learn more about uploading and creating Political Campaign Videos click here.

To learn about uploading and creating Nonprofit Fundraising Videos click here.

If you're looking to have a third party create content for you, navigate to the Opportunities section of your dashboard and create an Opportunity link to share with your peers, volunteers and staff.

To learn more about Opportunities, click here.

3. And that’s it! Start sharing the link on social media, email, text or embed it in any website. Your donations-enabled video will start capturing donations from any eyeballs.

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