• Tap on your Profile to enter dashboard navigation.

  • Tap on Products from the dashboard options.¬†

  • Select one of your added Products that has a created Ppportunity.

  • Click on the Opportunity¬†

  • Click on any applicant's row to manage it. You can select Approve or Decline.

  • Once you have selected Approve or Decline, you will be asked if you would like to send the applicant a return message. This is optional.

  • The message area is optional from each applicant. You can also start a conversation with the applicant by selecting their name or profile picture to view their profile.

Once your choice is made, you will get a momentary message, at the top of your screen, confirming your decision.

You can view your declined applicants under Declined Applicants. You can view your approved applicants under Influencers.

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